Petrochemical Equipment
The company is the strategic supplier of CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, China National Aviation Fuel, ChemChina, and units of national defense, etc.,It secures the first place on occupancy rate of petro-chemical centrifugal pump in segment market.
The company has a pump institute. The design, research and development of products apply the latest standard of US AP1610. It possesses more than 40 valid national patents, and sets up 380V low-pressure test bench and 6-10 KV high-pressure test bench. The maximum test power of pump can reach 50000KW.
The company has successfully completed the development and delivery of China's first center-opened oil transfer pump with 1300 high-lift, which runs successfully in pipeline projects across the Taihang Mountains and reaches the international advanced level. It reflects the company's domination on large oil pump with high flow and high lift.
Meanwhile, the company's postdoctoral research projects-researches on desalination pumps, energy recovery system and other researches will play an important role in obtaining resources from the ocean in China.
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