Carbon dioxide heat pump
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Carbon dioxide Heat pump uses natural refrigerant CO2 as coolant, through CO2 transcritical cycle, low grade heat source is changed to available high grade heat source.
CO2 heat pump provides user the optimal hot water solution: one-time heating, without heating cycle, the highest water temperature can reach 90℃,small investment、low running cost and good energy saving efficiency.
Products are widely used in the fields of hotel and restaurant、hospital and pharmacy、industrial heat recovery and oil production etc.. it helps human  to find a new way for saving fossil fuel、reducing greenhouse gas emission、 improving energy efficiency and decreasing environmental pollutions.
Refrigerant features
CO2(R744)is the natural refrigerant, ODP=0, GWP=1; non-toxic, non-flammable, good chemical stability; Service safely, no smoke emission and waste discharge 
Unit series
Heat source classification: Water source type and Air source type
Heating Method: single heat
Heating Capacity: 1kW~1MW
highest water temperature: 90℃
Power supply: 380V/50Hz
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CO2-based heat pumps

Carbon dioxide heat pump
Standard Ⅰtype:
Standard Ⅱtype: with heat
source water pump
Long-range Ⅰtype: with remote control service
Long-range Ⅱ type: with heat source+ remote control
Multifunction type: with additional temperature mode and external water tank
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