Explosion proof industry vehicle
Explosion proof industry vehicle  
Company is a domestic leading company of explosion-proof vehicle technology. It’s Overall explosion protection as the concept and combines with intelligent control multi-level protection measures has initiated in China the technology of single motor, hydrostatic drive, AC inverter, free maintenance and active explosion-proof which are also advanced in the world. and strictly according to domestic and foreign explosive proof standards make the complete vehicle and explosive proof parts inspection,our explosion-proof vehicle company has undertaken and finished two national standard manufacturing missions, bringing us one international patent for invention and 30 national patents.
Jiali explosion-proof vehicles have been widely used in industries of petrol, chemical industry, national defense, medicine, painting and wines. In 2011, Jiali explosion-proof electric hydraulic lift platform, the first explosion-proof lift platform in China, was used in West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project. Recently, it got the CE certification.

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