Facing challenge and keeping stable growth, Innovation and Reform for Development 2015-05-12
In the morning of February 27th, Guali town as the pilot small city in Zhejiang Province held an annual development mobilization meeting. At the meeting we “Zhejiang Jiali Technology” obtained several honors, such as “key enterprise”, “big tax-payer” etc.  The president of company as the representative of “key enterprise” gave a speech entitled “Facing challenge and keeping stable growth, Innovation and Reform for Development”.
In 2014, “Jiali” faced unprecedented difficult situation and challenge, the whole company firmed the goal、faced the challenge and through planned layout completed big projects and pushed company for new transformation, and achieved uneasy excellent outstanding achievements, the sale and net profits for 2014 increased more significantly than for 2013. At the same time, company was in August 14 successfully landed and listed in new three board market, lay a good foundation for the future development of financing. In addition, the investment and technology innovation for a number of key projects made great progress, enterprise management and talent strategy has made new achievements.
In 2015, on the base of strategic policy, planned the new tasks and new business development strategy for 2015, and will go out to create 15% growth of both sales and net profits in 2015. To create more value for customers, employees, enterprises, but also contribute to the construction of small town Guali.
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