Mr. Wang, Jincai-Hangzhou City director of Standing Committee visited Jiali Technology for inspection and investigation 2014-11-19
Hangzhou city standing CommitteeIn July 2th, Mr. Wang, Jincai- Hangzhou City director and the party secretary of Standing Committee with Mr. Chen, Jianhua-the secretary-general of Hangzhou city standing Committee、Mr. Zhang, Ruyong-the Vice-secretary-general of Hangzhou City Committee and Mrs. Li, Ling-the Director of Hangzhou City development and reform Commission visited Jiali Technology for inspection and investigation. The president of Zhejiang Jiali Technology Co.,Ltd-Mr. Gong, Zhenyao reported to Mr.Wang about the company’s production and development plan since this year. During the investigation, Director Wang paid a special attention to carbon dioxide pump and explosive proof forklift etc., and affirmed the company development and business way, especially attention about technical input and R&D investment were highly praised.
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